Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Yellow Green Pear"

I love the shape of this pear.  It has some angles  instead of all curves.  I used the compliment of  purple on Munsell color system with yellow green.  I had enough time today to finish this 6" x 6" painting and start a 4" x 4" one of strawberries.

Same pear a day later.  The pear was too far to the left so I moved it.  Now it looks so different.  I lost the angles.

My hall and studio walls are bare.  I'ven been busy getting ready to show twenty pieces of my artwork.  I received a phone call from a person representing Journey Church in Huntersville.  She saw my work on line and asked if I would hang in the lobby of their church.  There are other shows coming up and I didn't think I had enough inventory.  After finishing my inventory sheet, I had forty paintings that I could show.  My husband was kind enough to make four shadow box frames for me.  I have finished my labels and up dating my bio.  I will hang my artwork on Thursday and take photos for my blog. 

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