Monday, June 20, 2011

The Beauty of California

As a native Californian there is no place as beautiful as my home state.  This trip was to see old friends, visit missions from San Diego to Sonoma, visit galleries, and to take as many scenic photos as possible.  I have to admit it was my first visit to San Diego.  The birthplace of California had many things to offer.  I loved the galleries of La Jolla but even better was Laguna Beach.   I discovered the "Red Fern Gallery" which carried Edgar Payne and Kevin McPherson.  I met watercolorist Bill Hudson at the Cottage Gallery and he gave me his watercolor pocket guide written by him.  At Jones & Terwilliger Galleries in Carmel I saw Brian Blood and Lindsay Goodwin beautiful paintings.  I am very inspired and cannot wait to get back to work painting

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