Thursday, January 31, 2013

"Sunny Day in Napa"

30 in 30
Day 30
I miss these golden hills of California with the black oaks nestled into its crevices.  This is the last day of our daily paintings with Leslie Saeta.  I felt such a connection with all the artists doing this challenge.
I have learned that each day you get better and faster from painting daily.  There were a few days that  I was rushed and did not like the results.  My favorite paintings are the ones I spent time planning the layout.  I did learn to have all my colors mixed before I started the painting.  These small  pieces of art can be studies for much larger paintings.  Tomorrow I will be back to work on a 30" x 40" painting I started before the challenge.  Thank you Leslie for this New Year's challenge.
6" x 6"
palette knife on panel

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