Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"Haydon Park House"

On a paint out today in Charlotte, I painted this house.  I did a little photo shopping for fun.  It has been about two weeks since I painted last.  
Do people wonder what artists do when they are not painting?  There are so many things that artists do everyday.  We plan the shows that we want to enter and keep track of the dates.  While we hang in one show, we are getting ready for another.  Questions like what frame is best for which painting, what to name the painting, and which one is the best for which show.  We are member of Artists Guilds and volunteer our time to those.  There are blogs and websites to updates.  We do a little research and learn from other artists, past and present.  We do some marketing and pursue other venues for our art.  Should be make and sell gicleés of our art?  Should we make our art more commercial?
If we are lucky, we have a group of artists to discuss these questions with.

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