Friday, May 17, 2013

Days 11 through 17

30 Marketing Ideas in 30 Days
I am combining several days ideas into one. 
Day 11
Find new places to promote your art.
Here is my new place on line:
Take a look and let me know what you think.
Below is a photo of my doing my first demonstration of an abstract landcape painting.  The demo was at Matthews Art Guild in Matthews, NC

Day 12
Keep up with the latest marketing ideas.
I listen to "Artists Helping Artists" and just signed up for a weekly email from
Day 13
Talk to someone local about displaying my art.  I have a couple of places in mind but haven't tried to talk to them yet.
Day 14
Offer something free on my blog if people sign up to follow me and received my e-mails.
Watch for this free give away in my next post.
Day 15
This marketing idea is about packaging.  I have looked at some suppliers and have some ideas.  Buy something and get your package in the mail.
Day 16
This idea is to find out the e-mail address of who is subscribing to my blog.  I now have some new e-mail addresses to inform my customers of current art events.
Day 17
"Call to Action"
Write something on my blog and Facebook and ask people to comment and share.
This is a very long blog today.  Please comment whether you liked it or not.  Thank you so much.
Look for the free give away and for Day 18 tomorrow.

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