Friday, July 8, 2016


I took a workshop in 2014 with Connie Winters.  The first day we painted from a still life and did a value study.  This painting always appealed to me even if it was just a study.  I hung it in my powder room with a thick silver frame around it.  I had neighbors over one night last month and one walked into the powder room and fell in love with it.  No I didn't take it off the wall and sell it to her.  I painted her another one.  The second one was more difficult to paint then the first.  There was no still life to use.  I used a mixed black which  took me a couple of days to find that same color of black with a touch a purple.  My neighbor came by this morning and loved the copy just as much.  I find it difficult to copy my own work.  The mood is different, the paints colors vary, and your not as free when painting it.  I guess what I'm saying is I love commissions but they are more of a challenge.

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