Saturday, February 18, 2017

New Blog Look

I wanted to share with you my studio.  I am moving in a month and the studio is one of my safe places. That means it will be the last packed. We are working from the top down including the attics.  We have moved most of my art here.  No this isn't everything,  I have frames behind the camera and loads of art supplies also behind the camera.  The buyer is coming again so my studio is full but staged.  As I spent a short time painting today, I listened to Leslie Saeta's latest AHA blog talk radio broadcast.  The subject was "Steps to starting a new blog".  It was very interesting and I want to listen to it again.  
How does this relate to moving?  As I'm stripping down art off the walls and packing precious objects d'art, I realize how clean and fresh everything looks.  So is a clean and fresh blog.  I learned to today that a white background on a blog is a fresher look than my dark grey background.  So after the show I went straight to my blog to change the background.
I look forward to sharing with you my fresher blog and my new studio.

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  1. Love the look of your updated blog. Fresh is right! Can't wait to see the studio in your new home.