Saturday, March 11, 2017

Picking out wall color for you studio.

What is the best background colour for your studio walls & why does it matter?

I mentioned in another blog post that I am moving and will have a new studio.  I started doing some research on what would be a good color.  The first post I read was the most informative.  Analysis what kind of paintings you will be be doing in your studio.  This information come from Will Kemp.  For dark paintings such as classical still life, paint the walls dark,  For portraits he suggested sage green and for paintings from photos and abstracts, a white like White Dove from Benjamin Moore.  In Monet's studio he used yellow ochre.  The size of the studio and light also make a difference.  I have north light, a large studio, and I paint from photos and paint abstracts.  The wall are now dark blue.  I will continue my search for the right color.  Dove white below.

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